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Executive Search Process

Meeting with the client to fully understand the position and the milieu

During this meeting, we elaborate on the main priorities of the position and identify the selection criteria that will help in identifying the candidates and in evaluating their competencies.  This important procedure allows us to elevate our understanding beyond the static parameters of a position and to fully appreciate the values carried forward by the organization.

Identification of candidates (recruitment)

We first proceed with the identification of targeted candidates based on a synopsis of tangible selection criteria.  From available lists we narrow it down to potential candidates.

Upon completion of this first step, we directly solicit these people by telephone.  This approach is dynamic and proactive.  It allows us, in our solicitation of the market, not only to communicate directly with the potential candidates, but, from these initial conversations to identify people known in the milieu as reflecting the criteria that we have described to them, by telephone.  This approach in identifying the candidates is transparent and exhaustive.

The pre-selection

Following the identification stage, we analyze the resumes received during the actual search campaign; the pertinence of the identified candidates is reviewed and evaluated.   We then proceed to a pre-selection interview with the candidates that advantageously correspond to the selection criteria.

Our recommendations

Following the interviews, we review the strengths and weaknesses of each "short-listed" candidate with the client.  Those selected are met and we assist with scheduling interviews at premises of the client’s choice. 

Employment verification

Once the interviews with the final candidates have been completed, we proceed with the verification of past employment.  To ensure that the information retained is valuable, we always communicate with people at three levels: former employers, former colleagues and former subordinates.

Psychometric/Psychological Evaluation

A psychological evaluation can be added to the previous stages to allow us to deepen our knowledge and understanding of the final candidate or candidates.  To this end, we work in collaboration with a reputable firm that acts independently, thus adding to the validity of the selection process.

This stage is at the client’s discretion and involves additional fees.